The Comfort Bike Trend

When you want a bike for getting around town without racing like someone from the Tour de France, one of today's latest comfort bikes may be just the ticket. If you have never heard of such a thing, you are missing out on today's biggest trend in bikes. Just what are comfort bikes, you may ask? Well, they are pretty much exactly like what you might think with such a name. They are bikes that are easy and comfortable to ride.

What's It All About?

Aging Baby Boomers

Like so many marketing trends, the baby boomers are probably responsible for the sudden interest in bikes that go easy on older bodies. These bikes are often a single gear, meant for easy biking around town and often preferred by older riders. It seems the boomers are slowing down, and they want their rides to reflect this.

Stress-Free Commuting

Another trend is the return to using a bike to commute to work. The latest generation to embrace this is the Millennials. They have begun to reject driving in huge numbers, favoring a comfortable ride on a bike to get to work. As they head to work on their bikes, they want a comfortable ride not a fast one.

Family Biking

Finally, for many couples with kids, biking is a good way to get some exercise in and to find ways to stay connected with the family. Heading out for a family outing on the weekend isn't about racing; it’s about an enjoyable and easy ride together. The comfort bike is perfectly suited for this.

Look Into It!

So whether you are a young urban commuter, a family with kids, or a retiree looking for an easy ride, today's bikes has something for you. With comfort bikes, it is easier than ever to get your workout without the stress of racing around town.